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Linguistic Note on $1$ (one)

Words derived from or associated with the number $1$ include:

From English one, from Germanic
  • alone: literally: all one
  • only: literally: one-like
  • lonely: a combination of alone and only, hence all one-like
  • atone: to repent of one's misdeeds by becoming at one with the person you have offended against
  • none: literally not one
  • once: meaning one time
  • nonce, as in for the nonce, or nonce word: meaning just for this one time
From Latin unum
  • united: many things that have become one
  • union: an arrangement where the members are unified into one body
  • unanimous: where people speak with one spirit
  • universal: as in universal principle, for example: holding throughout the universe
  • university: students and professors are turned into one body
  • uniform: clothes all of one form
  • unicorn: a mythical beast with one horn
  • onion: from the same root as union: the Romans referred to it as one large pearl
From Greek μόνος (mónos)
  • monologue: a speech by $1$ person
  • monopoly: selling by only $1$ agency
  • monk: from the Greek monakos: someone who is alone or solitary
  • monolith: something made from one stone
  • monogram: a way to write your name with just one drawing of the pen
  • monotonous: all of one (boring) type