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Linguistic Note on Boadicea

Yes, I know this is not about mathematics. It's far more important than that.

The name Boadicea is also presented as Boudicca or Boudica. Other spellings abound.

Its pronunciation is correctly Bo-dee-ca.

The name derives from the old English word for victory.

Hence the modern form of Boadicea or Boudicca can be argued as being Victoria.

Beware that in general usage there exists the incorrect pronunciation: Bow-er-di-see-a.

The explanation is that Boadicea is the Roman form, and Boudicca the English form.

In fact, the spelling Boadicea is the result of the medieval miscopying of progressive incorrect transliterations.

Hence it is nonsense to pronounce it as it is spelt from the standpoint of modern English.

Some prefer the pronunciation Boo-dee-cha, but while gloriously euphonious, it is unfortunately (probably) incorrect.