Book:A.G. Howson/A Handbook of Terms used in Algebra and Analysis

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A.G. Howson: A Handbook of Terms used in Algebra and Analysis

Published $\text {1972}$, Cambridge University Press

ISBN 978-0-521-08434-5

Subject Matter


1 Some mathematical language
2 Sets and functions
3 Equivalence relations and quotient sets
4 Number systems I
5 Groups I
6 Rings and fields
7 Homomorphisms and quotient algebras
8 Vector spaces and matrices
9 Linear equations and rank
10 Determinants and multilinear mappings
11 Polynomials
12 Groups II
13 Number Systems II
14 Fields and polynomials
15 Lattices and Boolean algebra
16 Ordinal numbers
17 Eigenvectors and eigenvalues
18 Quadratic forms and inner products
19 Categories and functors
20 Metric spaces and continuity
21 Topological spaces and continuity
22 Metric spaces II
23 The real numbers
24 Real-valued functions of a real variable
25 Differentiable functions of one variable
26 Functions of several real variables
27 Integration
28 Infinite series and products
29 Improper integrals
30 Curves and arc length
31 Functions of a complex variable
32 Multiple integrals
33 Logarithmic, exponential and trigonometric functions
34 Vector algebra
35 Vector calculus
36 Line and surface integrals
37 Measure and Lebesgue integration
38 Fourier series
Appendix 1  Some 'named' theorems and properties
Appendix 2  Alphabets used in mathematics
Index of symbols
Subject index


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