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A.P. Domoryad: Mathematical Games and Pastimes

Published $\text {1961}$, Pergamon Press (translated by Halina Moss)


$\S 1.$ Various Systems of Notation
$\S 2.$ Some Facts from the Theory of Numbers
$\S 3.$ Congruences
$\S 4.$ Continued Fractions and Indeterminate Equations
$\S 5.$ Pythagorean and Heronic Triples of Numbers
$\S 6.$ Arithmetical Pastimes
$\S 7.$ Numerical Tricks
$\S 8.$ Rapid Calculations
$\S 9.$ Numerical Giants
$\S 10.$ Games with Piles of Objects
$\S 11.$ Meleda
$\S 12.$ Lucas' Game
$\S 13.$ Solitaire
$\S 14.$ "The Game of Fifteen" and Similar Games
$\S 15.$ Problems on Determining the Number of Ways of Reaching a Goal
$\S 16.$ Magic Squares
$\S 17.$ Euler Squares
$\S 18.$ Pastimes with Dominoes
$\S 19.$ Problems Connected with the Chess Board
$\S 20.$ Making up Timetables
$\S 21.$ "The Problem of Josephus Flavius" and Similar Ones
$\S 22.$ Pastimes Connected with Objects Changing Places
$\S 23.$ The Simplest Methods of Constructing Pleasing Patterns
$\S 24.$ Regular Polygons from Rhombi
$\S 25.$ The Construction of Figures from Given Parts
$\S 26.$ Construction of Parquets
$\S 27.$ Dissection of Figures
$\S 28.$ The Construction of Curves
$\S 29.$ Mathematical Borders
$\S 30.$ Models of Polyhedra
$\S 31.$ Pastimes with a Sheet and a Strip of Paper
$\S 32.$ The Four-Colour Problem
$\S 33.$ Drawing Figures at One Stroke of the Pencil
$\S 34.$ Hamilton's Game
$\S 35.$ Arranging Points on a Plane and in Space
$\S 36.$ Problems of a Logical Nature
$\S 37.$ Rag-Bag
$\S 38.$ Notes and Answers to Problems