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Bharati Krishna Tirthaji: Vedic Mathematics

Published $\text {1965}$, Motilal Banarsidass

ISBN 0 8426 0967 9


General Editor's Foreword (Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-5, March 17, 1965, V.S. Agrawala, M.A., Ph.D., D.Litt.)
Foreword (Varanasi, 22-3-1965, Swami Pratyagatmananda Saraswati)
A Humble Homage (Varanasi-5, 23-3-65, Prem Lata Sharma, Dean, Faculty of Music and Fine Arts, Banaras Hindu University)

1. My Beloved Gurudeva (Srimati Manjula Trivedi)
2. Author's Preface
A. - A Descriptive Prefatory Note
B. - Explanatory Exposition
C. - Illustrative Specimen Samples
Sixteen Sūtras and their Corollaries
I. Actual Applications of the Vedic Sūtras
II. Arithmetical Computations
III. Multiplication
Practical Application (compound multiplication)
Practice & Proportion (compound multiplication)
IV. Division by the Nikhilam method
V. Division by the Parāvartya method
VI. Argumental Division
Linking note (Recapitulation & Conclusion)
VII. Factorisation (of simple quadratics)
VIII. Factorisation (of harder quadratics)
IX. Factorisation of Cubics etc.
X. Highest Common Factor
XI. Simple Equations (First Principles)
XII. Simple Equations (by Sūnyam etc.)
XIII. Merger Type of Easy Simple Equations
Extension method
XIV. Complex Mergers
XV. Simultaneous Simple Equations
XVI. Miscellaneous (Simple) Equations
XVII. Quadratic Equations
XVIII. Cubic Equations
XIX. Bi-quadratic Equations
XX. Multiple Simultaneous Equations
XXI. Simultaneous Quadratic Equations
XXII. Factorisation & Differential Calculus
XXIII. Partial Fractions
XXIV. Integration by Partial Fractions
XXV. The Vedic Numerical Code
XXVI. Recurring Decimals
XXVII. Straight Division
XXVIII. Auxiliary Fractions
XXIX. Divisibility & Simple Osculators
XXX. Divisibility & Complex Multiplex Osculators
XXXI. Sum & Difference of Squares
XXXII. Elementary Squaring, Cubin etc.
XXXIII. Straight Squaring
XXXIV. Vargamūla (square root)
XXXV. Cube Roots of Exact Cubes
XXXVI. Cube Roots (General)
XXXVII. Pythagoras' Theorem etc.,
XXXVIII. Apollonius' Theorem
XXXIX. Analytical Conics
XL. Miscellaneous Matters
Press Opinions