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Brian Clegg: A Brief History of Infinity: The Quest to Think the Unthinkable

Published $\text {2003}$, Robinson

ISBN 1-84119-650-9

Subject Matter


1 To Infinity and Beyond
2 Counting on Your Fingers
3 A Different Mathematics
4 The Power of Number
5 The Absolute
6 Labelling the Infinite
7 Peeking under the Carpet
8 The Indivisible Mystery
9 Fluxion Wars
10 Paradoxes of the Infinite
11 Set in Stone
12 Thinking the Unthinkable
13 Order versus the Cardinals
14 An Infinity of infinities
15 Madness and Sanity
16 Infinitesimally Small
17 Infinity to Go
18 Endless Fascination