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D.J. O'Connor and Betty Powell: Elementary Logic

Published $\text {1980}$, Teach Yourself Books (Hodder and Stoughton)

ISBN 0 340 25824 1

Subject Matter


Part 1
1 The Logic of Statements (1)
2 Logical Constants (1)
3 Logical Constants (2)
4 Using the Definitions
5 Using Brackets
6 Negation
7 Determining the Truth Values of Complex Propositions
8 Expressions with Three Variable
9 Translating Words into Symbols
10 Testing the Validity of Arguments
11 Translating into Logical Symbolism
12 Material Equivalence and Alternation
13 Logical Equivalence
14 A Short Cut to Truth-tables
15 Negation in the Short Truth-table Method
16 More on Shorter Truth-tables
Part II
The Logic of Statements (2)
Part III
The Logic of Predicates (1)
Part IV
The Logic of Predicates (2)
Part V
Looking Ahead
Solutions to Exercises
Appendix: Alternative Notations in Modern Logic
Notes to Further Reading