Book:George Arfken/Mathematical Methods for Physicists

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George Arfken: Mathematical Methods for Physicists

Published $\text {1966}$


Chapter 1. Vector Analysis
Chapter 2. Coordinate Systems
Chapter 3. Tensor Analysis
Chapter 4. Determinants, Matrices, and Group Theory
Chapter 5. Infinite Series
Chapter 6. Functions of a Complex Variable I. Analytic Properties, Conformal Mapping
Chapter 7. Functions of a Complex Variable II. Calculus of Residues
Chapter 8. Second-Order Differential Equations
Chapter 9. Sturm-Liouville Theory - Orthogonal Functions
Chapter 10. The Gamma Function (Factorial Function)
Chapter 11. Bessel Functions
Chapter 12. Legendre Functions
Chapter 13. Special Functions
Chapter 14. Fourier Series
Chapter 15. Integral Transforms
Chapter 16. Integral Equations
Chapter 17. Calculus of Variations
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