Book:Howard Eves/Great Moments in Mathematics: Before 1650

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Howard Eves: Great Moments in Mathematics: Before 1650

Published $\text {1981}$, Mathematical Association of America

ISBN 978-0-883-85310-8

Subject Matter

  • History of Mathematics


Lecture $1$: Scratches and Grunts
Lecture $2$: The Great Egyptian Pyramid
Lecture $3$: From the Laboratory into the Study
Lecture $4$: The First Great Theorem
Lecture $5$: Precipitation of the First Crisis
Lecture $6$: Resolution of the First Crisis
Lecture $7$: First Steps in Organizing Mathematics
Lecture $8$: The Mathematicians' Bible
Lecture $9$: The Thinker and the Thug
Lecture $10$: A Boost from Astronomy
Lecture $11$: The First Great Number Theorist
Lecture $12$: The Syncopation of Algebra
Lecture $13$: Two Early Computing Inventions
Lecture $14$: The Poet-Mathematician of Khorasan
Lecture $15$: The Blockhead
Lecture $16$: An Extraordinary and Bizarre Story
Lecture $17$: Doubling the Life of the Astronomer
Lecture $18$: The Stimulation of Science
Lecture $19$: Slicing it Thin
Lecture $20$: The Transform-Solve-Invert Technique
Hints for the Solution of Some of the Exercises