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Ian Stewart: Seventeen Equations that Changed the World

Published $\text {2012}$, Profile

ISBN 978 1 8466 8532 3


Why Equations?
1 The squaw on the hippopotamus
Pythagoras's Theorem
2 Shortening the proceedings
3 Ghosts of departed quantities
4 The system of the world
Newton's Law of Gravity
5 Portent of the ideal world
The Square Root of Minus One
6 Much ado about knotting
Euler's Formula for Polyhedra
7 Patterns of chance
Normal Distribution
8 Good vibrations
Wave Equation
9 Ripples and blips
Fourier Transform
10 The ascent of humanity
Navier-Stokes Equation
11 Waves in the ether
Maxwell's Equations
12 Law and disorder
Second Law of Thermodynamics
13 One thing is absolute
14 Quantum weirdness
Schrödinger's Equation
15 Codes, communications and computers
Information Theory
16 The imbalance of nature
Chaos Theory
17 The Midas formula
Black-Scholes Equation
Where next?
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