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Ian Stewart: Cows in the Maze and other mathematical explorations

Published $\text {2010}$, Oxford University Press

ISBN 978-0-19-956207-7.


Figure Acknowledgements
1 The Lore and Lure of Dice
2 Pursuing Polygonal Privacy
3 Making Winning Connections
4 Jumping Champions
5 Walking with Quadrupeds
6 Tiling Space with Knots
7 Forward to the Future 1:
Trapped in Time!
8 Forward to the Future 2:
Holes: Black, White and Worm
9 Forward to the Future 3:
Back to the Past, with Interest ...
10 Cone with a Twist
11 What Shape is a Teardrop?
12 The Interrogator's Fallacy
13 Cows in the Maze
14 Knight's Tours on Rectangles
15 Cat's Cradle Calculus Challenge
16 Glass Klein Bottles
17 Cementing Relationships
18 Knotting Ventured, Knotting Gained
19 Most-Perfect Magic Squares
20 It Can't be Done!
21 Dances with Dodecahedra
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