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Ian Stewart: The Problems of Mathematics

Published $\text {1987}$, Oxford University Press

ISBN 0-19-289182-0

Subject Matter

  • History of Mathematics
  • Philosophy of Mathematics


Foreword (James Joseph Sylvester)
List of Figures
Interview with a mathematician
1 The nature of mathematics
2 The price of primality
3 Marginal interest
4 The neglected book of Euclid
5 Parallel thinking
6 The miraculous jar
7 Ghosts of departed quantities
8 The duellist and the monster
9 Much ado about knotting
10 The purple wallflower
11 Squarerooting the unsquarerootable
12 Strumpet fortune
13 The mathematics of nature
14 Oh! Catastrophe!
15 The patterns of chaos
16 The two-and-a-halfth dimension
17 The lonely wave
18 Dixit Algorizmi
19 The limits of computability
20 A tour of the minefield
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