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John Derbyshire: Prime Obsession: Bernhard Riemann and the Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics

Published $\text {2003}$, Plume

ISBN 0-452-28525-9


Part I: The Prime Number Theorem
1 Card Trick
2 The Soil, the Crop
3 The Prime Number Theorem
4 On the Shoulders of Giants
5 Riemann's Zeta Function
6 The Great Fusion
7 The Golden Key, and an Improved Prime Number Theorem
8 Not Altogether Unworthy
9 Domain Stretching
10 A Proof and a Turning Point
Part II: The Riemann Hypothesis
11 Nine Zulu Queens Ruled China
12 Hilbert's Eighth Problem
13 The Argument Ant and the Value Ant
14 In the Grip of an Obsession
15 Big O and Möbius Mu
16 Climbing the Critical Line
17 A Little Algebra
18 Number Theory Meets Quantum Mechanics
19 Turning the Golden Key
20 The Riemann Operator and Other Approaches
21 The Error Term
22 Either It's True, or Else It Isn't
Appendix: The Riemann Hypothesis in Song
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