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Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society

(Phil. Trans.)

Publisher: Royal Society


Started publication: $1665$

Featured Articles

  • 1722: Abraham de MoivreDe Fractionibus Algebraicis Radicalitate Immunibus ad Fractiones Simpliciores Reducendis, Deque Summandis Terminis Quarumdam Serierum Aequali Intervallo a Se Distantibus (Vol. 32: pp. 162 – 178)
  • 1757: Thomas SimpsonThe invention of a general method for determining the sum of every 2d, 3d, 4th, or 5th, &c. term of a series, taken in order; the sum of the whole series being known (Vol. 50: pp. 757 – 769)
  • 1825: Benjamin GompertzOn the Nature of the Function Expressive of the Law of Human Mortality, and on a New Mode of Determining the Value of Life Contingencies (Vol. 115: pp. 513 – 585)

Series $\text A$

  • 1894: M.J.M. HillOn a Spherical Vortex (Vol. 185: pp. 213 – 245)
  • 1899: W.F. SheppardOn the Application of the Theory of Error to Cases of Normal Distribution and Normal Correlation (Vol. 192: pp. 101 – 167 + 531)
  • 1921: W.F. SheppardReduction of Error by Linear Compounding (Vol. 221: pp. 199 – 237)
  • 1927: G. Udny YuleOn a Method of Investigating Periodicities in Disturbed Series, with Special Reference to Wolfer's Sunspot Numbers (Vol. 226: pp. 267 – 298)

Series $\text B$

Also known as

This journal is also known as the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London.