Book:Murray R. Spiegel/Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables/Sample Problems

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Murray R. Spiegel: Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables: Sample Problems

Published $\text {1968}$


Sample Problems Illustrating Use of the Tables

Common Logarithms

Common Antilogarithms

Computations using Logarithms

Natural or Napierian Logarithms

Trigonometric Functions (Degrees and Minutes)

Trigonometric Functions (Degrees and Minutes)

Inverse Trigonometric Functions (Degrees and Minutes)

Trigonometric and Inverse Trigonometric Functions (Radians)

Common Logarithms of Trigonometric Functions

Conversion of Degrees, Minutes and Seconds to Radians

Conversion of Radians to Degrees, Minutes and Seconds

Conversion of Radians to Fractions of a Degree

Exponential and Hyperbolic Functions

Interest and Annuities