Book:Murray R. Spiegel/Theory and Problems of Statistics/SI Edition

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Murray R. Spiegel: Theory and Problems of Statistics (SI Edition)

Published $\text {1972}$, Schaum's Outlines

ISBN 0-07-084399-6

Subject Matter


Chapter 1: Variables and Graphs
Chapter 2: Frequency Distributions
Chapter 3: The Mean, Median, Mode and Other Measures of Central Tendency
Chapter 4: The Standard Deviation and Other Measures of Dispersion
Chapter 5: Moments, Skewness and Kurtosis
Chapter 6: Elementary Probability Theory
Chapter 7: The Binomial, Normal and Poisson Distributions
Chapter 8: Elementary Sampling Theory
Chapter 9: Statistics Estimation Theory
Chapter 10: Statistical Decision Theory, Tests of Hypotheses and Significance
Chapter 11: Small Sampling Theory
Chapter 12: The Chi-Square Test
Chapter 13: Curve Fitting and the Method of Least Squares
Chapter 14: Correlation Theory
Chapter 15: Multiple and Partial Correlation
Chapter 16: Analysis of Time Series
Chapter 17: Index Numbers


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