Book:Philip E.B. Jourdain/The Nature of Mathematics/Revised Edition

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Philip E.B. Jourdain: The Nature of Mathematics, Revised Edition

Published $\text {1919}$, T.C. & E.C. Jack, Ltd. / T. Nelson & Sons, Ltd.

Subject Matter


Preface to the First Edition (1912)
Preface to the Revised Edition (1919)
I. The Growth of Mathematical Science in Ancient Times
II. The Rise and Progress of Modern Mathematics — Algebra
III. The Rise and Progress of Modern Mathematics — Analytical Geometry and the Method of Indivisibles
IV. The Beginnings of the Application of Mathematics to Natural Science – The Science of Dynamics
V. The Rise of Modern Mathematics — The Infinitesimal Calculus
VI. Modern Views of Limits and Numbers
VII. The Nature of Mathematics