Book:Rao Bahadur M. Rangacharya/The Ganita-Sara-Sangraha of Mahaviracharya

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Rao Bahadur M. Rangacharya: The Ganita-Sara-Sangraha of Mahaviracharya

Published $\text {1912}$, Government Press, Madras

Subject Matter

The Ganita Sara Samgraha of Mahaviracharya, with commentary and supplements.


Table of Transliteration
Introduction by Mr. David Eugene Smith
Contents of the text in Sanskrit
Contents of the text in English
Appendix $\text {I}$. -- Sanskrit words denoting numbers with their ordinary and numerical signification
Appendix $\text {II}$. -- Sanskrit words used in the translation and their explanation
Appendix $\text {III}$. -- Answers to problems
Appendix $\text {IV}$. -- Tables of measures

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