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Wilfred Kaplan and Donald J. Lewis: Calculus and Linear Algebra: Combined Edition

Published $\text {1971}$, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

ISBN 0 471-45700-0

Subject Matter


Introduction: Review of Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry
Chapter 1: Two-Dimensional Vector Geometry
Chapter 2: Limits
Chapter 3: Differential Calculus
Chapter 4: Integral Calculus
Chapter 5: The Elementary Transcendental Functions
Chapter 6: Applications of Differential Calculus
Chapter 7: Applications of the Integral Calculus
Chapter 8: Infinite Series
Chapter 9: Vector Spaces
Chapter 10: Matrices and Determinants
Chapter 11: Linear Euclidean Geometry
Chapter 12: Differential Calculus of Functions of Several Variables
Chapter 13: Integral Calculus of Functions of Several Variables
Answers to Selected Problems


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