Book:Willard Van Orman Quine/Set Theory and Its Logic

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Willard Van Orman Quine: Set Theory and Its Logic

Published $\text {1963}$

Subject Matter


Part One. The Elements.
$\S 1$ Logic
$\S 2$ Real Classes
$\S 3$ Classes of Classes
$\S 4$ Natural Numbers
$\S 5$ Iteration and Arithmetic
Part Two. Higher Forms of Number
$\S 6$ Real Numbers
$\S 7$ Order and Ordinals
$\S 8$ Transfinite Recursion
$\S 9$ Cardinal numbers
$\S 10$ The Axiom of Choice
Part Three. Axiom Systems
$\S 11$ Russell's Theory of Types
$\S 12$ General Variables and Zermelo
$\S 13$ Stratification and Ultimate Classes
$\S 14$ Von Neumann's System and Others
Synopsis of Five Axiom Systems
List of Numbered Formulas
Bibliographical References