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Source Work

1992: David Wells: Curious and Interesting Puzzles:

The Puzzles:
Sun Tsu Suan-Ching


Yang Hui (c. $1270$ ad) wrote an 'Arithmetic in Nine Sections', which contains the very first extant representation of what we in the West call Pascal's Triangle (from an earlier Chinese source, c. $1000$ ad). His book was called, apparently, Hsu Ku Chai Chi Suan Fa ($1275$). It contains the following magic configuration: ...


The book Hsu Ku Chai Chi Suan Fa (that is, Xugu Zhaiqi Suanfa) is not the same work as the one containing Pascal's Triangle, which was Xiangjie Jiuzhang Suanfa, an earlier work published in $1261$.

Xugu Zhaiqi Suanfa focused mainly on magic squares and similar such arrangements.