Cardinal Zero is Less than Cardinal One

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The zero cardinal $0$ is less than one:

$0 < 1$


We have that the Cardinals are Totally Ordered.

Let $\RR \subseteq \O \times \set \O$ be any arbitrary relation between $\O$ and $\set \O$.

We have that $\RR$ is vacuously many-to-one.

Also vacuously, $\RR$ is left-total.

Thus by definition, $\RR$ is in fact a mapping.

From Empty Mapping is Unique, this relation $\RR$ is the unique mapping from $\O$ to $\set \O$.

Also vacuously, $\RR$ is an injection.

So, by definition, $\set \O$ dominates $\O$.

Since Empty Set is Subset of All Sets, we have $\O \subseteq \set \O$.

Hence the result.