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Let $\RR^*_{m, n}$ be the restricted dipper relation on $\N$:

$\forall x, y \in \N_{>0}: x \mathrel {\RR^*_{m, n} } y \iff \begin {cases} x = y \\ m \le x < y \text { and } n \divides \paren {y - x} \\ m \le y < x \text { and } n \divides \paren {x - y} \end {cases}$

Let $\map {D^*} {m, n} := \N_{>0} / \RR^*_{m, n}$ be the quotient set of $\N_{>0}$ induced by $\RR^*_{m, n}$.

Let $\oplus^*_{m, n}$ be the operation induced on $\map {D^*} {m, n}$ by addition on $\N_{>0}$.

A restricted dipper (semigroup) is a semigroup which is isomorphic to the algebraic structure $\struct {\map {D^*} {m, n}, \oplus^*_{m, n} }$.


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