Definition:Convex Set (Vector Space)

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This page is about Convex Set in the context of Linear Algebra. For other uses, see Convex Set.


Let $\Bbb F \in \set {\R, \C}$.

Let $V$ be a vector space over $\Bbb F$.

Let $C \subseteq V$.

Definition 1

We say that $C$ is convex if and only if:

$t x + \paren {1 - t} y \in C$

for each $x, y \in C$ and $t \in \closedint 0 1$.

Definition 2

We say that $C$ is convex if and only if:

$t C + \paren {1 - t} C \subseteq C$

for each $t \in \closedint 0 1$, where $t C + \paren {1 - t} C$ denotes a linear combination of subsets.

Line Segment

The set:

$\set {t x + \paren {1 - t} y: t \in \closedint 0 1}$

is called the (straight) line segment joining $x$ and $y$.

A convex set can thus be described as a set containing all straight line segments between its elements.

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