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A body is stationary if and only if its velocity (in a given frame of reference) is zero.

Also known as

A stationary body can also be described as at rest.

The term motionless can also be used, as can still and non-moving. Note that still has many other meanings, so probably best not used in this context to save confusion.

Some authors, when introducing this concept, limit the frame of reference to the surface of Earth.

Linguistic Note

Do not confuse the word stationary (meaning at rest) with stationery (meaning commercially manufactured writing materials).

The two words have a common linguistic root; a stationer, in the middle ages, was the proprietor of a shop which stayed in one place, as opposed to an itinerant or mendicant.

A man walks into a shop and asks the young lady behind the counter: "Do you keep stationery?"
She replies, "Well, up until the last couple of minutes, then I go absolutely frantic."