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English mathematician working mainly in the field of material mechanics.




  • Born: 23 Aug 1929, Birmingham, England
  • Died: 26 Jan 2008, Nottingham, England


  • 1958: The theory of matrix polynomials and its application to the mechanics of isotropic continua (with Ronald Rivlin)
  • 1958: Finite integrity bases for five or fewer symmetric 3 × 3 matrices (with Ronald Rivlin)
  • 1959: The stability of a circular cylinder under finite extension and torsion (with Albert Green)
  • 1959: The mechanics of non-linear materials with memory II (with Albert Green and Ronald Rivlin)
  • 1973: Deformation of Fibre-Reinforced Materials
  • 1977: Engineering Mathematics, Volume I (with others)
  • 1980: Continuum Mechanics (reprinted 1985, 1988, 1990, 1992 and 2004)
  • 2005: Exact solutions for a thick elastic plate with a thin elastic surface layer

Also known as

Known informally as Tony Spencer.