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Polish mathematician, best known for the Mostowski Collapse Lemma.




  • Born: 1 November 1913, Lwów, in what was then Austria-Hungary
  • 1914: His father died in the war
  • Winter 1914: Went to Zakopane for a vacation but had to stay because of the war
  • 1920: Moved to Warsaw
  • 1923: Entered the Stefan Batory Gymnasium in Warsaw
  • 1930: Developed a serious illness
  • 1931: Completed studies at the Gymnasium, entered University of Warsaw
  • 1937: Studied in Vienna and Zurich
  • 1939: Awarded Ph.D. at Warsaw
  • After 1 September 1939 (invasion of Poland by Germany): became an accountant
  • 1942 to 1944: Taught in the Underground Warsaw University
  • September 1944: Married Maria Matuszewska
  • Late 1944: Escaped being sent to a concentration camp
  • 1945: Went to Cracow, where he worked at Silesian Polytechnic, then Jagellonian University
  • Jan-Sept 1946: Acting professor at Lodz
  • Sept 1946: Appointed as an acting professor at Warsaw University
  • 1947: Made an extraordinary professor
  • 1948-49: At the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton
  • 1949: Appointed as head of the division for the foundations of mathematics at the Mathematics Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • 1951: Made an ordinary professor
  • 1952: Appointed dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Warsaw University
  • 1953: Head of the Department of Algebra
  • 1958-59: At the University of California at Berkeley
  • 1968: Ended position as head of foundations of mathematics at Polish Academy of Sciences, took up similar position at Warsaw University
  • 1969-70: At All Souls College, Oxford
  • Summer of 1975: In the United States, at Berkeley and Stanford
  • Died: 22 August 1975: En route to Ontario, Canada, stopped in Vancouver to deliver an invited lecture at Simon Fraser University but died suddenly and unexpectedly

Theorems and Inventions

Results named for Andrzej Mostowski can be found here.


  • 1939: On the Independence of Finitenesss Definitions in a System of Logic (Ph.D. thesis)
  • 1945: Axiom of choice for finite sets (habilitation thesis for Jagellonian University)
  • 1946: On undecidable propositions in formalized systems of mathematics (Polish)
  • 1948: Mathematical Logic