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German mathematician, physicist, and spectroscopist.

Best known as the co-developer (with Martin Wilhelm Kutta) of the Runge-Kutta Methods in the field of numerical analysis.

Also known for his work on the Zeeman effect.

His work paved the way for the Thue-Siegel-Roth Theorem in the field of Diophantine equations.

His daughter Nerina married Richard Courant.




  • Born: 30 August 1856 in Bremen, Germany
  • Died: 3 January 1927 in Göttingen, Germany

Theorems and Definitions

Results named for Carl David Tolmé Runge can be found here.

Books and Papers

  • 1880: Ueber die Krümmung, Torsion und geodätische Krümmung der auf einer Fläche gezogenen Curven
  • 1908: Analytische Geometrie der Ebene
  • 1912: Graphical methods (course of lectures delivered in Columbia university, New York, October, 1909, to January, 1910)
  • 1924: Vorlesungen über numerisches Rechnen (with Hermann König)
  • 1928: Graphische Methoden (Teubner, 1928)