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German mathematician specialising in analytic number theory.

Wolf Prize

Carl Ludwig Siegel was awarded a Wolf Prize for Mathematics in $\text {1978}$:

For his contributions to the theory of numbers, theory of several complex variables, and celestial mechanics.




  • Born: 31 December 1896 in Berlin, Germany
  • Died: 4 April 1981 in Göttingen, Germany

Theorems and Definitions

Results named for Carl Ludwig Siegel can be found here.

Definitions of concepts named for Carl Ludwig Siegel can be found here.


  • 1944: Algebraic Numbers whose Conjugates lie in the Unit Circle (Duke Math. J. Vol. 11: pp. 597 – 602)
  • 1949: Transcendental Numbers

Notable Quotes

It is completely clear to me which conditions caused the gradual decadence of mathematics, from its high level some 100 years ago, down to the present hopeless nadir. Degeneration of mathematics begins with the ideas of Riemann, Dedekind and Cantor which progressively repressed the reliable genius of Euler, Lagrange and Gauss.
-- Letter to André Weil, 1959