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German jesuit and logician.

Best known for:

  • Clavius's Law (also written as Clavius' Law), otherwise known as the Consequentia Mirabilis, which states that if by assuming the negation of a proposition you can prove its truth, then that proposition is true.
  • Being instrumental in the development of the Gregorian calendar.
  • Writing highly-acclaimed and well-received text-books.




  • Born: 25 March 1538 in Bamberg, Bavaria (now in Germany)
  • Died: 2 Feb 1612 in Rome (now in Italy)


Results named for Christopher Clavius can be found here.


  • 1574: Published a version of Euclid's The Elements, which included some original material of his own, including Clavius's Law
  • 1593: In sphaeram Ioannis de Sacro Bosco Commentarius
  • 1595: Novi calendarii romani apologia (an argument in favour of the Gregorian calendar, which had been the cause of civil unrest)
  • 1608: Algebra
  • Christophori Clavii e Scoietate Jesu opera mathematica, quinque tomis distributa, a five-volume edition of his collected works, containing the above works and others. Also of note: