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Ukrainian/Israeli mathematician specializing in functional analysis.

Known for his development of functional analysis methods, particularly in operator theory, in close connection with concrete problems coming from mathematical physics, in particular differential equations and normal modes.

Father of Vitali Davidovich Milman and Pierre Davidovich Milman.


Ukrainian, later Israeli


  • Born: 15 January 1912 in Chechelnyk near Vinnytsia, Russian Empire (now Ukraine)
  • Died: 12 July 1982 in Tel Aviv, Israel

Theorems and Definitions

Results named for David Pinhusovich Milman can be found here.


  • 1940: On extreme points of regular convex sets (Stud. Math. Vol. 9: pp. 33 – 138) (with Mark Krein)

Also known as

In Russian: Дави́д Пи́нхусович Ми́льман