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French mathematician who worked in geometry, analytic geometry, linear algebra, elliptic functions and elliptic integrals.

Also studied hyperspaces and "courbes gauches".

Supposed to have priority over Eugène Rouché and Ferdinand Georg Frobenius on what is known in the English-speaking world as the Rouché-Frobenius Theorem.




  • Born: 23 September 1848 in Rousies, France
  • Died: 7 April 1923 in 5th arrondissement, Paris, France

Theorems and Definitions

Rouché-Frobenius Theorem (after Eugène Rouché and Ferdinand Georg Frobenius)
Rouché-Capelli Theorem (after Eugène Rouché and Alfredo Capelli) as it is known in Italy
Kronecker-Capelli Theorem (after Leopold Kronecker and Alfredo Capelli) as it is known in Russia


  • 1892: Hyperespace à $\paren {n - 1}$ dimensions
  • 1897: Géométrie dirigée. Les angles dans un plan orienté avec des droites dirigées et non dirigées
  • 1915: Généralisation d’une formule connue
  • 1922: La Relativité restreinte