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German born American mathematician, known for his work on partial differential equations and on the theory of functions of several complex variables.


German, later American


  • Born: 20 October 1904 in Breslau, Germany (now Wrocław, Poland)
  • Died: 23 August 1988 in Berkeley, California, USA

Theorems and Definitions


  • 1928: Über die partiellen Differenzengleichungen der mathematischen Physik (Math. Ann. Vol. 100, no. 1: pp. 32 – 74) (with Richard Courant and Kurt Friedrichs)
  • 1929: Neuer Beweis des analytischen Charakters der Lösungen elliptischer Differentialgleichungen
  • 1935: A priori limitations for solutions of Monge-Ampère equations
  • 1937: A priori limitations for solutions of Monge-Ampère equations
  • 1938: On differential geometry in the large: Minkowski's problem
  • 1946: Water waves on sloping beaches
  • 1948: The dock problem (with Kurt Friedrichs)
  • 1951: On minimal surfaces with partially free boundary
  • 1957: An example of a smooth linear partial differential equation without solution