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American mathematician who took over the work of co-editing the Handbook of Mathematical Functions from Milton Abramowitz, who died in 1958 before the work was complete.




  • Born: 9th February 1919
  • Died: 27th January 2008


  • 1955: Generation of Coulomb Wave Functions by Means of Recurrence Relations (with Milton Abramowitz)
  • 1956: Pitfalls in Computation (with Milton Abramowitz)
  • 1957: Generation of Bessel Functions on High Speed Computers (with Milton Abramowitz)
  • 1963: Ferroelectric Switching and the Sievert Integral (with P.H. Fang)
  • 1964: Handbook of Mathematical Functions (as co-editor with Milton Abramowitz)
  • 1970: Automatic computing methods for special functions (with Ruth Zucker)
  • 1974: Automatic computing methods for special functions. Part II. The exponential integral $\map {\mathrm {En} } x$ (with Ruth Zucker)
  • 1976: Automatic computing methods for special functions. Part III. The sine, cosine, exponential integrals, and related functions (with Ruth Zucker)
  • 1981: Automatic Computing Methods for Special Functions. Part IV. Complex Error Function, Fresnel Integrals, and Other Related Functions (with Ruth Zucker)