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Italian mathematician who was a student of Gerolamo Cardano.

First one to devise a solution to the general quartic equation, which was later published by Cardano and is now known as Ferrari's Method.




  • 2nd February 1522: Born in Bologna, Papal States (now Italy)
  • 30th November 1536: Went to work for Gerolamo Cardano, and became his student of mathematics
  • 1540: Discovered solution of the quartic equation
  • 1541: Became a public lecturer in geometry
  • 10th August 1548: Defeated Tartaglia in a public algebra contest
  • 1565: Called to a professorship in the University of Bologna
  • 5th October 1565: Died in Bologna (supposedly murdered by his sister Maddalena by arsenic).


Results named for Lodovico Ferrari can be found here.


Also known as

Some sources report his forename as Ludovico.