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German monk and mathematician who made significant advances in mathematical notation, including the juxtaposition technique for indicating multiplication.

The first to use the term exponent. Published rules for calculation of powers.

The first to use a standard method to solve quadratic equations.

Also an early adopter of negative and irrational numbers.




  • Born: 1487 in Esslingen, Germany
  • 19 April 1567 in Jena, Germany

Theorems and Definitions


  • 1522: Von der christförmingen Lehre Luthers ein überaus schön künstlich Lied samt seiner Nebenauslegung
  • 1532: Ein Rechenbüchlein vom Endchrist. Apocalypsis in Apocalypsim
  • 1544: Arithmetica integra
  • 1545: Deutsche Arithmetica
  • 1546: Welsche Practick

Also known as

The forms of his surname Styfel, Styffel, Stieffell and Stieffel can all be seen, as can the Latin version of his name Stifelius.