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Swiss mathematician who worked on probability theory, geometry and differential equations.

Most of his important work can be found in his correspondence, particularly with Pierre Raymond de Montmort, in which he introduced the St. Petersburg Paradox.

He also corresponded with Leonhard Paul Euler and Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz.

Son of Nicolaus Bernoulli and so nephew of Jacob Bernoulli and Johann Bernoulli.




  • Born: 21 Oct 1687, Basel, Switzerland
  • Died: 29 Nov 1759, Basel, Switzerland



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Also known as

Nicolaus I Bernoulli is also known as Nicolas Bernoulli.

Some sources spell the name Nikolaus.

Some sources use Niclaus, but this may be erroneous.

1937: Eric Temple Bell: Men of Mathematics refers to Nicolaus I Bernoulli as Nicolaus II Bernoulli, which appears to arise from a confusion between Nicolaus Bernoulli (1662 – 1716) and Nicolaus II Bernoulli (1695 – 1726).