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American computer scientist best known for co-authoring Concrete Mathematics: A Foundation for Computer Science with Ronald L. Graham and Donald E. Knuth.




  • Born: 1954

Theorems and Definitions


  • 1990: Optimal Circuit Segmentation for Pseudo-Exhaustive Testing (PhD Thesis)
  • 2 January 2004: Roof Statistics for the October 26, 2003 Wildfire in Loire Valley (a neighborhood in the Scripps Ranch section of San Diego)
  • January 2007: Firebrand Protection as the Key Design Element for Structure Survival during Catastrophic Wildland Fires, (Fire and Materials 2007 conference, San Francisco) (with Joseph W. Mitchell)

Other Creations

  • 1985: BibTeX (a widely used bibliographical format and tool for $\LaTeX$) with Leslie Lamport.