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French mathematician and first-rate military and civil engineer best known for his discovery of what is now known as a Laurent series.

Also published works on the theory of light polarization.

His papers on mathematical topics were recommended by Augustin Louis Cauchy for publication on numerous occasions, but unfortunately this never happened in Laurent's lifetime.




  • Born: 18 July 1813 in Paris, France
  • 1830: Entered École Polytechnique in Paris
  • 1832: Graduated from the École Polytechnique, entered Engineering Corps as second lieutenant, attended the École d'Application at Metz, was sent to Algeria.
  • 1840: Returned to France from Algeria
  • 1840 - 46: Directed operations for the enlargement of the port of Le Havre on the English Channel
  • 1843: Submitted his first paper, in which the Laurent series was first discussed, but he was not published
  • Died: 2 Sept 1854 in Paris, France

Theorems and Definitions

Results named for Pierre Alphonse Laurent can be found here.

Definitions of concepts named for Pierre Alphonse Laurent can be found here.


  • 1843: Mémoire sur le calcul des variations
  • 1863: Mémoire sur la théorie des imaginaires, sur l'équilibre des températures et sur l'équilibre d'élasticité (posthumous)