Preimage of Union under Mapping/Family of Sets/Proof 1

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Let $S$ and $T$ be sets.

Let $\family {T_i}_{i \mathop \in I}$ be a family of subsets of $T$.

Let $f: S \to T$ be a mapping.


$\ds f^{-1} \sqbrk {\bigcup_{i \mathop \in I} T_i} = \bigcup_{i \mathop \in I} f^{-1} \sqbrk {T_i}$


$\ds \bigcup_{i \mathop \in I} T_i$ denotes the union of $\family {T_i}_{i \mathop \in I}$
$f^{-1} \sqbrk {T_i}$ denotes the preimage of $T_i$ under $f$.


As $f$, being a mapping, is also a relation, we can apply Preimage of Union under Relation: Family of Sets:

$\ds \RR^{-1} \sqbrk {\bigcup_{i \mathop \in I} T_i} = \bigcup_{i \mathop \in I} \RR^{-1} \sqbrk {T_i}$

where $\RR^{-1} \sqbrk {T_i}$ denotes the preimage of $T_i$ under $\RR^{-1}$.