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About me

Just a mathematics graduate with a broad interest, trying to make mathematics more accessible.

For you, reader

  • Ever wondered how all those nice diagrams made it to your book? Check out the xymatrix package documentation.
  • $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$ comprises 40,500 proofs among 108,192 total pages, created by 722,797 edits in total.

Map of LF-Realm

My personal templates, sandboxes and the like:

User:Lord_Farin/Sandbox is my sandbox, which is used to test functionality, and prepare/attempt pages and structures. May have subpages attached.

User:Lord_Farin/SandboxTemplate is my sandbox template, in which I experiment with templates.

User:Lord Farin/Proof Structures is the place for proof templates I (and hopefully more people) tend to use.

User:Lord Farin/Tableau Proof Rules is where I keep templates for all allowed inferences in tableau proofs. This may appear as a bona fide page in the future.

User:Lord_Farin/Archive is a mixture between a graveyard and a safe haven for stuff which has nowhere else to go.

User:Lord_Farin/Backup documents old versions of pages I rebuilt from scratch.

User:Lord_Farin/Long-Term Projects is the place for things that are on even longer tracks than those in above Category; these are often meta-structural.

User:Lord_Farin/Books lists the books I have started to cover on PW.


I am particularly fond of the following contributions (all of which hence are my own work; i.e., I didn't copy the proof from some source):


I promised (to myself or others) to get back at these points but the moment I do is so far in the future I would forget if they weren't here:

Too lazy / Loose ends

These results are mostly trivial and I can't be bothered putting them up right now; please, feel free.

Logic/Propositional Tableaus

Natural Numbers

  1. Revisit:
    1. Natural Numbers are Comparable
    2. Natural Number Ordering is Transitive
    3. Natural Number Addition is Closed
    4. Properties of Natural Numbers
    5. Natural Numbers as Cardinals
    6. Product of Finite Sets is Finite/Proof 2
    7. Proper Subset of Finite Ordinal is Equivalent to Smaller Ordinal
  2. Equivalence of definitions of Natural Number Addition
    1. Definition for 1-based: Definition:Addition on 1-Based Natural Numbers
  3. Equivalence of definitions of ordering on $\N$

Follow-up projects

  1. Everything in Category:Natural Numbers needs a thorough review and possibly rewriting according to the new paradigm.
    1. Clear up Category:Natural Numbers/1-Based to a new, better category

Relation Theory

Category Theory