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Christopher Clapham and James Nicholson: The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics (5th Edition)

Published $\text {2014}$, OUP Oxford

ISBN 978-0-19-967959-1

Subject Matter


Preface to Second Edition (Christopher Clapham)
Preface to Third Edition (James Nicholson)
Preface to Fourth Edition (James Nicholson)
Preface to Fifth Edition (James Nicholson)
1. Areas and volumes
2. Centres of mass
3. Moments of inertia
4. Geometry: equations of lines and planes
5. Basic algebra
6. Derivatives
7. Integrals
8. Common ordinary differential equations and solutions
9. Series
10. Convergence tests for series
11. Common inequalities
12. Trigonometric formulae
13. Probability distributions
14. Symbols
15. Greek letters
16. Roman numerals
17. Fields Medal winners
18. Millennium Prize problems


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