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David Nelson: The Penguin Dictionary of Mathematics

Published $\text {1998}$, Penguin.

Subject Matter


Preface to the Second Edition
Dictionary of Mathematics
Table 1 Derivatives
Table 2 Integrals
Table 3 Reduction formulae
Table 4 Centres of mass
Table 5 Moments of inertia
Table 6 The Greek alphabet


Further Editions


Eugenio Beltrami

Beltrami, Eugenio (1835-99)

William Brouncker

Brouncker, William, Viscount (1620-85)

Edward Cocker

Cocker, Edward (1631-75)

Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky

Lobachevsky, Nikolai Ivanovich (1793-1856)

Pietro Mengoli

Mengoli, Pietro (1626-82)

Emmy Noether

Noether, Amalie (Emmy) (1883-1935)

William Oughtred

Oughtred, William (1575-1660)

Willebrord van Royen Snell

Snell, Willebrord van Royen (1580-1626)

Alfred Tarski

Tarski, Alfred (1902-85)


It is named after the Polish mathematician Józef Maria Hoene-Wroński (1776-1853).

Primitive of $\sqrt {x^2 - a^2}$

$\ds \int \sqrt {x^2 - a^2} \rd x = \frac 1 2 a^2 \cosh^{-1} \frac x a + \frac 1 2 {x \sqrt {x^2 - a^2} } + C$

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