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E.G. Phillips: A Course of Analysis (2nd Edition)

Published $\text {1939}$, Cambridge at the University Press

Subject Matter


Extract from the Preface to the First Edition (E. G. PHILLIPS university college of north wales bangor January $1930$)
Preface to the Second Edition (E. G. P. June $1939$)
$\text {I}$. Number
$\text {II}$. Bounds and Limits of Sequences
$\text {III}$. Limits and Continuity
$\text {IV}$. Differential Calculus
$\text {V}$. Infinite Series
$\text {VI}$. Inequalities
$\text {VII}$. Integral Calculus
$\text {VIII}$. Extensions and Applications of the Integral Calculus
$\text {IX}$. Functions of More than One Variable
$\text {X}$. Implicit Functions
$\text {XI}$. Double Integrals
$\text {XII}$. Triple and Surface Integrals
$\text {XIII}$. Power Series
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