Book:Murray R. Spiegel/Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables/The Greek Alphabet

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Murray R. Spiegel: Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables

Published $\text {1968}$


The Greek Alphabet

Position Lowercase Uppercase Name Some mathematical uses
1 $\alpha$ $\Alpha$ Alpha
2 $\beta$ $\Beta$ Beta
3 $\gamma$ $\Gamma$ Gamma
4 $\delta$ $\Delta$ Delta
5 $\epsilon$ $\Epsilon$ Epsilon
6 $\zeta$ $\Zeta$ Zeta
7 $\eta$ $\Eta$ Eta
8 $\theta$ $\Theta$ Theta
9 $\iota$ $\Iota$ Iota
10 $\kappa$ $\Kappa$ Kappa
11 $\lambda$ $\Lambda$ Lambda
12 $\mu$ $\Mu$ Mu
13 $\nu$ $\Nu$ Nu
14 $\xi$ $\Xi$ Xi
15 $o$ $\textrm O$ Omicron
16 $\pi$ $\Pi$ Pi
17 $\rho$ $\Rho$ Rho
18 $\sigma$ $\Sigma$ Sigma
19 $\tau$ $\Tau$ Tau
20 $\upsilon$ $\Upsilon$ Upsilon
21 $\phi$ $\Phi$ Phi
22 $\chi$ $\Chi$ Chi
23 $\psi$ $\Psi$ Psi
24 $\omega$ $\Omega$ Omega
Lowercase variants
25 $\varepsilon$ Varepsilon
26 $\vartheta$ Vartheta
27 $\varpi$ Varpi
28 $\varrho$ Varrho
29 $\varsigma$ Varsigma
30 $\varphi$ Varphi