Book:W.M. Smart/Textbook on Spherical Astronomy/Sixth Edition

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W.M. Smart: Textbook on Spherical Astronomy (6th Edition)

Published $\text {1976}$

Subject Matter


Preface to the Sixth Edition
Chapter I: Spherical Trigonometry
Chapter II: The Celestial Sphere
Chapter III: Refraction
Chapter IV: The Meridian Circle
Chapter V: Planetary Motions
Chapter VI: Time
Chapter VII: Planetary Phenomena and Heliographic Co-ordinates
Chapter VIII: Aberration
Chapter IX: Parallax
Chapter X: Precession and Nutation
Chapter XI: The Proper Motions of the Stars
Chapter XII: Astronomical Photography
Chapter XIII: Determination of Position at Sea
Chapter XIV: Binary Star Orbits
Chapter XV: Occultations and Eclipses
Appendix I. The Method of Dependencies
Appendix II. Stellar Magnitudes
Appendix III. The Coelostat
Appendix A. Astronomical Constants
Appendix B. Dimensions of the Sun, Moon and Planets
Appendix C. Mean elements of the planetary orbits for the epoch $1975$ January $0 \cdotp 5$ E.T.
Appendix D. Elements and dimensions of the Satellites
Appendix E. Ephemeris and Universal Time


Source work progress

(Chapters consisting of nothing but detailed calculation have not been implemented. Exercises also not done.)