Category of Ordered Sets has Enough Constants

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Let $\mathbf{OrdSet}$ be the category of ordered sets.

Then $\mathbf{OrdSet}$ has enough constants.


By Singleton Ordered Set is Terminal Object, we have that any ordered set with a singleton as underlying set is terminal in $\mathbf{OrdSet}$.

Let $1$ be such a singleton ordered set.

To show that $\mathbf{OrdSet}$ has enough constants, it is to be shown that if:

$f: P \to Q \ne g: P \to Q$

then there exists an $x: 1 \to P$ such that $f \circ x \ne g \circ x$.

Now by definition of $\mathbf{OrdSet}$, $f$ and $g$ are increasing mappings.

In particular, they are mappings, and by Equality of Mappings, there must be a $p \in P$ such that:

$\map f p \ne \map g p$

Define $\bar p: 1 \to P$ by $\map {\bar p} * = p$ (where $*$ is the unique element of $1$).

If this is a morphism in $\mathbf{OrdSet}$, we are evidently done.

This follows from Mapping is Constant iff Increasing and Decreasing.

Hence $\mathbf{OrdSet}$ has enough constants.