Definition:Conjunction/Semantics of Conjunction

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Let $p \land q$ denote the conjunction of two statements $p$ and $q$.

The conjunction is used to symbolise any statement in natural language such that two substatements are held to be true simultaneously.

Thus it is also used to symbolise the concept of but as well as and.

Thus $p \land q$ can be also interpreted as:

  • $p$ and $q$
  • $p$ but $q$
  • $p$, yet $q$
  • $p$, although $q$
  • $p$; still, $q$
  • $p$; however, $q$
  • $p$; on the other hand $q$
  • $p$; moreover $q$
  • $p$; furthermore, $q$
  • $p$; nevertheless, $q$
  • Not only $p$ but also $q$
  • Despite $p$, $q$