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A Cullen prime is a Cullen number:

$n \times 2^n + 1$

which is also prime.


The sequence $\sequence n$ for which $n \times 2^n + 1$ is a prime number begins:

$1, 141, 4713, 5795, 6611, 18496, 32292, 32469, 59656, 90825, \ldots$

Also defined as

Some sources refer to primes of the form $n \times 2^n - 1$ as also being Cullen primes.

However, it is now conventional to refer to numbers of the form $n \times 2^n - 1$ as Woodall primes, for Herbert J. Woodall.

Also known as

Some sources refer to Cullen primes as Cunningham primes, for Allan Joseph Champneys Cunningham, so as to ensure their distinction from Woodall primes.

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This entry was named for James Cullen.