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For any real number $a$ let:

$L_a = \set {\tuple {x, y} \in \R^2: x = a}$

Furthermore, define:

$L_A = \set {L_a: a \in \R}$

For any two real numbers $m$ and $b$ let:

$L_{m, b} = \set {\tuple {x, y} \in \R^2: y = m x + b}$

Furthermore, define:

$L_{M, B} = \set {L_{m, b}: m, b \in \R}$

Finally let:

$L_E = L_A \cup L_{M, B}$

The abstract geometry $\struct {\R^2, L_E}$ is called the Euclidean plane.

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Also known as

Some authors use the term Cartesian plane instead of Euclidean plane.